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Here are answers to questions commonly asked about our products and services.
Account Management

What are the benefits of a Local Search Marketing Center Advertiser Account?

An advertiser account allows you to access and manage advertisements at your convenience - 24 hours a day. From your account homepage you can view a list of your ad products, review details for each, and select those you wish to edit, suspend or discontinue.

The advertiser account also gives you access to performance statistics for your ad products - tracking and reports that can help you make smart decisions on which ads to continue, discontinue, or edit.

Can I change the information presented in my Local Search Marketing Center ad product?

After you purchase your product(s), you'll receive a confirmation email. The email will contain a link to your dedicated online Account Management pages. There, you may edit ad content as often as you'd like.

Can I change my advertiser account information?

After you purchase your product(s), you'll receive a confirmation email. The email will contain a link to your dedicated online Account Management pages. There, you may change your advertiser account information, including the credit card associated with your account.

How can I retrieve a forgotten account password?

Go to the page where you normally log in to your Account Management pages. Within the login box, click the "forgot your password" link. You'll be asked to provide your account username. We will then send an email containing the password to the email address associated with your advertiser account.

How do I cancel my ad product(s)?

You can cancel an advertisement at anytime by logging in and going to the Account Management area. Your products will be removed from the system immediately and your credit card will not be charged again. Please note, if you do have additional active products, you will continue to be charged for them. You must cancel each product individually.

How do I pay for my Local Search Marketing Center product?

You may use your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

How and when will my credit card be charged?

All Local Search Marketing Center Enhanced Listings are sold on a monthly subscription basis. Your credit card will be charged for your initial monthly payment at the time of your purchase. Your credit card will be charged on the same date each month unless you cancel your Enhanced Listing.

Text Ads purchased on a flat monthly fee basic are handled the same way. Text Ads purchased on a CPM basis will be charged based on the payment plan selected.

We do not offer refunds or credits for products canceled before the end of your billing cycle.


How do I know how my product(s) is performing?

Log in to your Account Management area and click on "View/Click Reports." All statistics related to your products are displayed here.

What type of information is reported?

For all ad products, we will present view data and click data. "Views" is the number of times your product was presented on a page. "Clicks" is the number of times a user clicked a link on your ad product.

How can the reports help me optimize my advertising investment?

Use your advertiser account's Tracking and Reports feature regularly to monitor your ad's performance. Views, click-throughs, cost, and average rank data can indicate where opportunities lie to optimize your ad's effectiveness.

Before making changes to an existing ad, review and record its performance using Tracking and Reports. After you make changes, go back to Tracking and Reports to see if and in what ways these changes improved results. This will help you develop strategies for optimizing your ad.


How long will it take for my Local Search Marketing Center advertisement to appear?

Each product is reviewed by a staff member at our newspaper to ensure appropriate content. Once your submission is approved, you will receive a notification email. Your product will appear within 24 hours of approval.

How will my Advertiser Account information be used?

Our agents may use your account information to promote or sell our Local Search Marketing Center products and services directly to you. However, we will neither distribute nor make accessible your information to any third party who is not operating on our behalf.
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