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Q: I see my basic listing on the site already; how did it get here?

A: As part of our service to local consumers and businesses, our newspaper offers basic listings for all local businesses. Basic directory information displays in your listing, which you then have the opportunity to edit, update, or upgrade to a Enhanced Listings listing through the Local Search Marketing Center.

Q: Is a Enhanced Listings listing right for my business?

A: Basic listings are automatically created for every business in our local database. They offer the same format and features for every business listing: name, address, phone, business category, map and driving directions. If your business is in a particularly competitive category, you will want to take advantage of enhanced features to make your listing stand out and help ensure consumers are more likely to choose your company.

Q: What if I have more than one business listing?

A: The Local Search Marketing Center administrative system allows you to manage all your Enhanced Listings through a single advertiser account. The process is simple: first you'll need to register for an advertiser account - or if you're already registered, sign-in to your account - and your advertiser account homepage will display. Next, click the "go to Marketing Center" link. This will direct you to the Local Search Marketing Center homepage. From there, will be able to purchase additional Enhanced Listing listing associated with your advertiser account. You will also be able to purchase any other advertising products offered through Local Search Marketing Center.

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